Advanced Indicators


Velocity and Acceleration

Price movement complies with physics laws. MACD, Stochastic, RSI etc are not beyond physics. They are all proximations to velocity and, for MACD, also acceleration.

VAcc implements velocity and acceleration directly. Hence, it functions as MACD with longer period, and oscillators such as Stochastic and RSI in shorter period.

In addition, VAcc introduce a contour band to specify dynamic overbought/oversold zones.

Compare VAcc (middle) with MACD (below) for NDX chart

With only one indicator, VAcc provides the functions of a family of momentum indicators. It is more responsive, more precise and more robust, also simpler to interpret.

VAcc's dynamic band works better than the static overbought/oversold boundaries set by Stochastic and RSI.

VAcc is shared at my account (scottcong) on TradingView.

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Advanced Indicators

Advanced Indicators

Bull Bear Line (BBLine)

Bull Bear Line (BBLine) emphasizes the trendiness of price movement. It not only has the responsiveness of short term MAs, but also the trendiness of long term MAs.

It clearly separates bull and bear phases of the chart, functions as a trailing stop similar to Chandelier.

BBLine as trailing stop

BBLine can serve as an excellent trailing stop for trade management.

On the TSLA chart, BBLine is drawn in blue alongside the popular Chandelier exit developed by "everget" for TradingView.

It is clear that in trendy markets, BBLine and Chandelier line perform similarly. More often than not, BBLine tracks the price better. This feature makes it not only a good trailing stop, but also an excellent place to add positions.

Cong Band

Cong Band is centered around Bull Bear Line as the mean. Unlike Bollinger Band, the algorithm does not assume symmetrical distribution around the mean.

The bands provide contour to the price, defines clearly overbought / oversold zones on the price chart. The indicator can be used for either entries and exits. However, it is best suited in ranging markets.

Both Cong Band and VAcc Band capture the price momentum well. However, there is a difference between the two: VAcc band is for the indicator whilst Cong Band is for price.

EUR 70 tick chart

EUR 70 tick chart with Cong Band and VAcc indicator.

Advanced Indicators

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